How to develop your spa concept – Part 2

  Last week, we looked at a series of tips that we can take from other industries, such as the restaurant and hotel industries, that have successfully developed their quality of optimizing guest experiences within their businesses. This week, we will continue with the next 5 tips on how to develop your spa´s concept, using […]

Spa and Wellness Facilities: Is It Time to Downsize Projects?

  In previous posts, we have discussed the increasing interest of the spa and wellness industries to embrace new business opportunities. That move has been largely dictated by the desire of our industry to move away from the idea of luxury and exclusivity that has surrounded it from the very beginning. Considering such a desire […]

Mastering Areas through the Use of Light

  We continue with the third of our series of four entries about “the experience” of our client, and how design plays an important role in it. In our previous posts, we talked about the basic notions behind effective design and the importance of the textures of materials and surfaces in order to achieve the […]

Textures. A World of Feelings in Spa Interior Design

  In our previous post, we talked about the importance of design in “client experience” and shared a few tips on successful design.  This week, we will share some insights and basic advice on an extremely important, but sometimes overlooked, area in design when it comes to the spa and wellness industries: the world of […]

The Importance of Design in the Client’s Experience

  Taking into account that we will be participating in the upcoming Forum HOTel&Spa 2012, today we would like to start talking about design, the first of a series of four posts, where we will focus on design and the client’s experience. There is no doubt that the way you enjoy a place depends on […]

Spas and Floor Design: The Importance of a Coherent Spatial Distribution

In some of our recent posts, we have written about different elements dealing with the operational aspects that surround spas. From revenue management to treatment menu engineering, our posts have explored the importance of developing an efficient business model and strategy for your spa. This time, we would like to discuss another crucial aspect surrounding […]