Spas and the Medical Field: The Bigger Picture


This year, we have extensively talked about the need to think outside the box in the spa industry. In particular, we have explored the value that innovation and creativity can bring to the construction of synergies with hospitals, clinics and different actors within the health industry.

In the following post, we will expose details of the bigger picture that defines such a synergy. While doing this, we will share some interesting insights exposed by Monte Zwang, Principal of Wellness Capital Management, in a recent post on the Montzwan’s Blog.


Increasing Awareness

One of the most positive things about the reflections provided by Monte Zwang in his post is the fact that there is an increasing awareness in our field regarding the importance of embracing the health field. In fact, it is great to see professionals and consultants in the spa and wellness industries jump on the bandwagon of improving lifestyles by taking into consideration the bigger picture: that the spa and wellness industries are part of a bigger health paradigm.

That paradigm, however, needs to be embraced not only by spas and wellness centres but also by other actors in the health field including hospitals, private clinics and fitness centres. As stated by Monte Zwang, “if we’re going to flourish as a collective group of health, wellness, fitness, medical and spa practitioners, we better start working as a team and playing nicely in the same sand box”.


Bringing Innovation

In order to play nicely in that same sand box, all the actors involved in the health field need to identify the kinds of things they are capable of bringing to the game. Once that consensus has been reached, the use of new and innovative business models appears as the best way to move into the future.

“How about a fresh approach that encourages a blending of health, wellness, allopathic medicine and preventive care?” asks Monte Zwang in his article. At Spa Balance, we are convinced these are the right questions the spa and wellness industries need to ask in order to start building a synergy with the medical field.

We also need to sell and introduce in a better way what we are already good at. For instance, the spa industry needs to be more persuasive about its natural capacity of providing hospitality to the client. In his article, Monte Zwang reminds hospitals and clinics about the high-end value of bringing spas and wellness centres into the health field: “The need to incorporate hospitality into today’s medical practices is what your patients demand. Spa professionals know how to do this.”


Tackling The Crisis

The bigger picture regarding the role that spas and wellness centres can play in the medical field has been shaped by the current crisis of healthcare systems around the world. We strongly believe the only way to tackle this crisis is by adopting models that are based on innovation and prevention.

Besides the hospitality that spas and wellness centres can bring to hospitals and clinics, the core of our industry is based around preventive treatments. The development of innovative models within the health industry not only can have an impact on the quality of the services that are offered but also on the overall financial performance of the whole system.

As stated by Monte Zwang, “preventive health care professionals and Naturopaths may not make as much money as MD’s, but they appear to have the optimal health of the patient more at heart. Treating the whole patient and keeping them at optimum wellness is much different than healing a sick one.” If all the actors involved are capable of bringing their services together under one roof, clients “will receive better care at a lower price.”


A Hopeful Future

In light of the recent Global Spa and Wellness Summit, we are happy to see creativity ignite in our sector. If the spa and wellness industries are able to come up with innovative models that highlight the positive impact our services can provide to the medical field, the future could not only be better for our industry but also for the general well-being of the whole society.

It is time to look at the bigger picture, which means revisiting our business models in an environment where things have changed dramatically and where our services have the potential to flourish thanks to the preventive approach they encompass. We look forward to seeing more of us tackle the current scenario with an innovative approach.

By Sonal

Sonal Uberoi creates and delivers smarter spas around the world. Spas and hotel groups hire Sonal to help them design, set up and manage their wellness businesses. Her finance background and worldwide operations experience in the spa, wellness and hospitality sectors make Sonal the go-to expert for business optimisation solutions. Connect with Sonal on LinkedIn

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