Hotel Spas and the Implementation of Inhouse Guest Capture Rate Activities


This week, we are sharing additional marketing tips and insights. In our previous posts, our marketing discussion was focused on the bigger picture and trying to understand and reach out to our potential consumer. The next two posts will be dedicated to seeing how we can entice clients to come to our spa once we have managed to reach out to them and capture their attention.

This post is dedicated to spas in hotels where spa managers are constantly under pressure to increase their hotel guest capture rate. That said, in the following lines we will discuss some sales activities that hotel spas can actively carry out in order to improve their capture rate.


Staff Incentives and Training

Maintaining a good relationship with the entire hotel staff is an essential part of any strategy dealing with capture rate activities promoted by hotel spas. For instance, rewards and incentives represent one of the best options to achieve that goal. Creating rewards for the entire staff spectrum once some targets have been met is definitely a good way to forge that relationship.

A good strategy for increasing capture rate activities should also contemplate specific training for staff. Through this channel, each department that interacts with guests is aware of the need to promote spa-related activities.


Special Packages

Another valid option for hotel spas is the design of special packages targeting common circumstances for travelers. For instance, a hotel spa could come up with short spa treatments for people waiting for late flights or rooms when they check in early. This however needs to be perfectly coordinated with the front office team.

Likewise, there should be spa options in all sales proposals. In order to do this, however, the hotel spa needs to come up with different packages and/or separate treatment menus capable of providing sales people with flexible options so they can adapt spa services to the different guests. It is essential for the hotel spa to build a strategy based on customer segmentation.


Seizing Touch Points

In our previous post we made a reference to the so-called touch points, those particular moments when the client is subject to influence. Hotel spas should try to seize those unique moments. For instance, it would be very important to forge a good relationship with the hotel’s reception to promote the upselling and cross-selling of services during check-in and check-out.

Similarly, it would be important for the hotel spa to have a presence in key points of the hotel where they can provide support to guests and eventually turn those guests into potential clients. Having a mobile spa crew, such an energy chair around the property, could be another option to further expose the services provided by the spa.


Further Tips

In order to measure success, it is important to ensure the hotel spa tries a few activities at a time to see how they work. It is essential to monitor and receive feedback from other departments to see how the promotions are working. Additionally, it is very important to be consistent and agile.

As we have previously discussed, there is a good range of options for hotel spas that need to improve capture rate activities. If the spa manager is capable of building a strategy that is both comprehensive and innovative, the spa should be in a good position to develop a fruitful synergy with the hotel.

By Sonal

Sonal Uberoi creates and delivers smarter spas around the world. Spas and hotel groups hire Sonal to help them design, set up and manage their wellness businesses. Her finance background and worldwide operations experience in the spa, wellness and hospitality sectors make Sonal the go-to expert for business optimisation solutions. Connect with Sonal on LinkedIn

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