Integrated Wellness Concepts and Lifestyle Spas



In an article earlier this year, we discussed SpaFinder’s top spa trends for 2012. In that post, we also offered our own insights about additional trends that we feel have the potential to grow in 2012. One of them is the development of lifestyle spas. At Spa Balance, we feel there is an increasing need for integrated wellness concepts and we see lifestyle spas answering that call. The following is an overview of this trendy business opportunity.


Spas, Wellness Centres and the Challenge of Fighting Conventionalism in the Health Industry


In this blog, we have extensively talked about the potential benefits that spas and wellness centres can obtain from building different synergies within the health industry. Although we firmly believe this is a promising business opportunity, and one we should definitely try to embrace as an industry, we also know the construction of those synergies is subject to a series of obstacles and different mindsets.

In spite of the current crisis of healthcare systems around the world and the potential benefits that innovative and preventive models can provide to the health industry as a whole, several actors in the health field are not still seduced by the idea of changing the traditional ways in which healthcare is delivered to people.


Spas and Hospitals: A Fruitful Collaboration?


Lately, we have written extensively about the evolution of the spa industry and the current challenges and opportunities we have ahead of us. In particular, our posts have introduced the present synergy that is taking place between the spa industry and the medical field. From cancer-related treatments to pain management, we have explored different evidence regarding this synergy.

We recently came across an interesting article written by John R. Hendrie that was published in, a top hospitality industry site and a relevant source of information regarding the hospitality industry. The article offers a compelling rationale behind the benefits that hospitals can gain from a partnership with the spa industry.