The 2012 Post-Mortem of the Spa Industry


Last month, we shared some insights about the trends that the spa industry consolidated in 2012. We would like to welcome 2013 by taking a look at the way our industry evolved last year. In particular, we would like to focus on the three trends that we saw unfold in 2012 and will continue to rise within the spa and wellness fields during the next 12 months.

Taking as a source of inspiration some of the reflections provided by Susie Ellis, President of Spa Finder Wellness, in her blog, this article discusses the role that medical evidence for spa and wellness treatments, family-based services and coaching played in 2012, and will continue to play in 2013, in the evolution of the spa industry. Let’s take a closer look.


Spas and Hospitals: A Fruitful Collaboration?


Lately, we have written extensively about the evolution of the spa industry and the current challenges and opportunities we have ahead of us. In particular, our posts have introduced the present synergy that is taking place between the spa industry and the medical field. From cancer-related treatments to pain management, we have explored different evidence regarding this synergy.

We recently came across an interesting article written by John R. Hendrie that was published in, a top hospitality industry site and a relevant source of information regarding the hospitality industry. The article offers a compelling rationale behind the benefits that hospitals can gain from a partnership with the spa industry.