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Wellness in Hospitality – Interview with Yagna Prathap

“In every situation, we still have two ways of looking at it. We can either take it as an opportunity and look at the positive side of it and see how quickly we can respond proactively…or we wait for the whole thing to take over and take the beating.” Yagna Prathap

Wellness in Hospitality – Interview with Noelle Homsy

“Wellness should be an element in every experience and not just in resorts that are wellness-driven. For example, you should have a wellness component added to an adventure driven type of experience and or in agritourism.” NOELLE HOMSY

How to make money from your spa: 3 key business optimisation techniques

  Spas are complex operations that require skill, resources and planning to manage successfully. In this post, we show you how to boost revenue by making the most of your spa’s resources. Just follow these three practical steps and you’ll soon notice an increase in revenue.  

The essential Spa KPI Kit: learn how to accurately evaluate your spa’s performance

Measuring spa productivity isn’t always easy. There are many KPIs out there, but which ones should you measure? How should you calculate them?   To boost your spa’s revenue you need to know exactly what aspects of your spa are doing well and what areas could be improved. However, measuring spa productivity isn’t always easy. […]

How to drive more business to your resort spa

  In a previous article How to drive more business to your urban hotel spa, we explored how urban hotel spas could overcome the unique challenges they face. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at resort spas.     En un artículo anterior Cómo impulsar su negocio de spa en un hotel urbano, […]

How to drive business to your urban hotel spa

  Hotel spas, from urban hotel spas to resort spas, enjoy various perks that other spas do not. They have a client base of hotel guests right at their doorstep, the opportunity to tap into their hotel’s resources (Finance, Marketing, Housekeeping, Engineering, to mention just a few), and the ability to reach out for support […]

How to optimise your spa management software

  As a spa manager or director, you probably spent months trying to convince your hotel general manager, financial controller and/ or owners to get the capex for a spa management software system. You probably also spent some more months trying to get your IT team to liaise with the software company’s technical team and […]

10 things you should look for in a spa management software

  With the plethora of spa management software systems available in the market today, it is difficult to find the right software for your spa – the one that will allow you to effectively manage your bookings, track therapist and spa productivity, control your inventory, take note of client preferences, help you market your spa, […]