A New Business Model: A Client-Based Experience


The Forum HOTel&Spa recently celebrated its 5th Annual Conference, an event that brought together excellent speakers from all over the world, including Sonal Uberoi, Founding Director of Spa Balance Consulting.  Attendees enjoyed many interesting presentations from various international experts, each one talking about this year’s conference theme: “Experience”. In this post, we would like to share Sonal Uberoi’s presentation on “A new business model: A client-based experience”, a business model where the world as seen through our client’s eyes is key in order to prosper in a rapidly changing industry.  In her presentation, our Founding Director concentrated on the macro-level of the health paradigm. Please click here to view the presentation.


Healthcare Innovation – The Value of Design Thinking



Last week we talked about some of the innovation principles that we can use today to deal with the current healthcare crisis. In particular, we highlighted the Philips Design approach that Lekshmy Parameswaran and Jeroen Raijmakers discussed in their paper People-focused Innovation in Healthcare.

This week, we are going to further explore this innovation approach by describing some of the processes that are involved in design thinking. We believe the following insights can provide the spa and wellness industries with additional elements that we can use in order to embrace innovation and seize the opportunities the healthcare landscape provides today.


Healthcare Innovation – The Big Challenge



In our previous post, we discussed some of the root causes and effects of the current healthcare crisis. Although the situation is alarming, this crisis has also created additional room for innovation. Putting this innovation into action is, however, the biggest challenge a company needs to face when dealing with today’s healthcare crisis.

This week, we will continue to share some of the insights provided by Lekshmy Parameswaran and Jeroen Raijmakers in their paper People-focused Innovation in Healthcare. In particular, we will explore the principles and mindset that Philips Design, one of the world’s largest design consultancies, has embraced in order to support innovation strategies aimed at providing patients and professionals with an improved healthcare experience. We think these are useful tips for the spa and wellness industries.